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Chlorine Dioxide Solution is our portable water treatment kit. This innovative water purification product is a perfect travel companion, and could even be a life saver in emergency situations.

Learn more about where to buy Chlorine Dioxide Solution, including details if you’re interested in promotional opportunities.

Diatomaceous Planet is our safe and pure Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth product. This environmentally friendly solution is a near DIY miracle for the home, garden, and even personal and pets’ help.

Learn more where to find our Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, including details about being a promotional partner.

Kaolin Clay is the first of our cosmetic product line, a natural exfoliant facial clay. This simple but rejuvenating powder is soft and silky; perfect for skin, hair, body, and even homemade bathbombs.

Learn more about where you can order our pure and natural Kaolin Clay, including details about becoming a promotional partner.

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We are expanding our reach by employing new advertising strategies, this is a unique opportunity for influencers, content creators, and website owners. Approved Brand Partners can choose from or employ a combination of 4 Partnership Strategies including: Affiliate Program, Drop-Shipping, Link Sharing, and Quick Check-out.

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