Chlorine Dioxide Solution is our super innovative water purification kit!

This simple combination of two liquids, allows the hiker, traveler, camper, and emergency users to have a way to purify water on the go. This means that after your water has been filtered to about 3 microns, you can add our Chlorine Dioxide 2-part Solution at a rate of 1 litre, mixed according to product directions, your water is disinfected from bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microbes that may be living in your water source.

This product is the ultimate companion for backpackers and general travellers, and we further recommend that everyone have one kit in their homes in case there would ever be a water emergency. If you’re looking to order Chlorine Dioxide Solution, you can do so here or from the Brand Website directly.

If you are interested in promoting our Chlorine Dioxide Kit, you can learn more about our Brand Partnership options!

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