The NovaTREE Labs manifesto is simple…

Our growth is generated by the continued positive experiences shared between our customers and partnerships alike!”

Today, we live in a world where so often advertising is being used as a disguise to bolster-up mediocre products and services; how sad!

Thankfully, NovaTREE Labs has been born to resolve this problem, in the special niches we supply to customers everyday. Our transparent strategies and pure ingredient based products, gives us a cutting edge through the fog of “half-assed” online brands. On all our products, if you’re not happy with the products expected performance, or there was any other issues (damage, shipping, etc), we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Why Partner with NovaTREE Labs?

Let’s not get too mystical or spiritual here, but sometimes the stars align and really great things can happen… it takes commitment, risk, transparency, and a lot of hard-work to standup in a world full of (necessary) scrutiny. We are very happy to be working with reputable supply sources, who are established companies in the North American markets. We bring our customers only the best, as an extension of our intent for the greater good.

Where does NovaTREE Labs Operate?

From one person to another, our products and brands are simply managed by people for people. Our headquarters is Canadian, and our vision is planetary. We produce, store, and ship product in Edmonton AB and Kitchener-Waterloo ON, with our customer support in Atlantic Canada. It takes a team to bring you the best possible service all across North America, and soon Europe as well… (Currently our products are available in Canada & USA, with United Kingdom and Germany soon to offer CDS).

What are NovaTREE Labs’ Brands?

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

The first product that kicked off our team of professionals was our Food Grade DE brand, which naturally took on the name Diatomaceous Planet (representing our market plans, to reach the world through the new incredible technology of E-commerce!). DE is just as special as the delivery (online stores), where we are proud to provide a “pure” product, with the highest silica content (89%) along with reliable safety and supply.

Chlorine Dioxide Kits

The second brand that emerged, is our portable water purification kit, called CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution). This unique 2-part kit gains popularity for a number of reason, the primary customer base is in hiking, outdoors, backpacking, camping, and general travelling. Being able to generate stabilized chlorine dioxide on the go gives you a simple and powerful technology. Be prepared for the great outdoors with CDS, the versatile 2-part kit!

Kaolin Clay

After we were seeing positive reviews, and hearing about how people were using our products to improve their health and well-being, it was time to continue into our next dream creation. Third, our ‘small but mighty’ product is a natural cosmetic facial clay. It is most popular for skin and hair, known for its cleansing and soothing properties: Kaolin Clay.

Please see our News & Updates Blog for recent developments.

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