Diatomaceous Planet offers the purest quality of Food Grade DE on the end-user market.

We are very happy to provide our customers with a pure and natural product, with a wide variety of uses. Generally speaking Diatomaceous Earth has an industrial history in filtration, particularly in the use of manufacturing beverages such as beer and wine.

Over several decades, other markets developed such as diatomite being used as a supplement in agriculture. This widespread application has then created a third generation of DE products that include personal health products such as supplements, deodorants, soaps, and more…

The other well known application of Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) is its safe and rapid way of controlling intruders in the garden. If you are shopping online, you can purchase here or directly on our Brand website at Diatomaceous Planet.

We are expanding licensing at the moment, if you have a gardening or bug control website, please Get in Contact with us to start promoting, or learn more about our Brand Partnership strategies!

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