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What are NovaTREE Brand Partnerships?

Affiliate Program

Each of our high quality products is paired with a streamline affiliate program. This allows candidates who demonstrate a basic sales strategy to have opportunity to market our products online, and make a commission for each sale. These contemporary affiliate programs also allow volume and “power sellers” to emerge and be rewarded accordingly (e.g. higher volume sales with a higher level of reward).

The disadvantage of standard affiliate programs is that tracked links often have messy code attached to it. Search engines do not value an unclear link as much as strong anchor text, or a clear URL. However, the Affiliate Program strategy is a fast and powerful way to generate sales for influencers, video content creators, and informational websites (forums, social media). We will often advise this option for a potential high volume seller.


Many people now know what drop-shipping entails, and often it means a lot of headaches. Thankfully we keep things simple, as that is our mission and creed in busy and saturated markets. Each of our high quality brands is coupled with the ability to offer drop-shipping arrangements to other ranking websites and stores across the world-wide-web! When you create a listing on your website, and you make a sale, you can then purchase the order from us by inputing your customers shipping address. Then you keep the margin from your ‘Brand Partnership’ price.

This is a perfect option for a Brand Partner who already has an active store with inventory, making regular sales. By adding our product to your store, you can serve your customers a new product. Each order can be handled manually, and if high volume is reached, we can automate fulfillment in a variety of ways.

Link Sharing

This is probably the most important long-term strategy NovaTREE employs. We understand the basics about SEO and respect that is it growing in popularity, as much as it is growing in complication and competition. Our Link-Sharing strategy allows us to create passive long-term traffic between our brand websites, partner websites, and our Brand Partner websites. If the linking is done tastefully, and with clean code, and a strictly ‘no spam’ approach; these links become examples of valuable use of active back-link building strategies.

Ultimately, with a soft SEO approach, we anticipate our brand websites will survive the many coming Google updates. Respectfully, Google and other search engines have the constant challenge of deflecting black-hat methods. Reach out to us about Link Sharing, we are serious about long-term online strategies.

Quick Check-Out

What is the NovaTREE Quick Check-Out? We are proud to employ a very unique strategy with our Quick Check-Out strategy. Simply put, this means we have the ability to power an active product listing, with a secure check-out, all from any page on any website. When you become a Brand Partner with NovaTREE and participate in our Quick Check-Out strategy, it is the fastest and most passive way to manage an online income from your store.

If we have contacted you first, it means we can see the potential for you to make sales is already there. You will be paid a commission on every sale from your website, paid out monthly. Contact us today to list our product on your website with the Quick Check-Out strategy!

Ready to Contact NovaTREE Labs?

We hope this page covered a lot of your basic research and questions about us… if you would like to reach out and get in contact with us, please don’t hesitate to message us on the contact form, or you can send us a direct email, or connect with a phone call (Canada or USA) with our 1-888 customer help line. We’re looking forward to hearing from you! Contact NovaTREE Labs Here.

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